You can invest in property in Spain even if you’re not a resident. Contact a Dink expert to explore your investment options.
Yes, Dink offers personalized services whether you already have an investment property or not.
You can select from our packages or choose individual services based on your needs.
Dink provides unparalleled local expertise, personalized service, and a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to all your real estate needs. Our commitment to client success ensures strategic investment decisions and a seamless real estate experience.

Yes, Dink provides expert legal and fiscal services to ensure compliance with local laws and optimize your investment’s financial performance.
Our team handles all necessary documentation and advises on tax-efficient strategies.

– A passport and 1 other form of ID
– A Spanish bank account
– Proof of income
– 30% downpayment
– An additional 10%-20% in your own money to cover costs such as: transfer tax, the notary, registration, etc.
– A document that shows that you have found a property you want to invest in.

At Dink we can help you with each step, from searching for the right property, to signing the final documents.
No, you don’t have to.
At Dink we offer our services in Spanish, English, and Dutch.
We will do all the translating for you.
You can, but you don’t have to.
Our Dink experts can take care of everything from a distance.
All we need is a power of attorney. The property visits can be done through a video call.

At Dink, we believe in growing alongside our clients.

By displaying prices as percentages, you pay a fee that is proportional to your income, ensuring that our costs never become a barrier to your investment.


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